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To change your life and become who you would love to be, is actually quite simple. All you have to do is complete these three steps:

1) change your unhelpful habits,
2) resolve your limiting beliefs and
3) overcome your fears.

You might say that it is easier said than done. Well, it is not that difficult when you know how. As a Psychotherapist having been professionally trained, along with many years of experience, I have helped thousands of clients to accomplish everything they wanted. I have developed a revolutionary formula that will allow you to achieve it all in record time. I have been using these strategies successfully for many years and now you have this unique opportunity to learn them as well and have it all.

This online program is dedicated to all of you that have the courage to look at your life and decide “NO, I am not going to live this way anymore. I deserve more".

Yes, you CAN have it all.

What fears are holding you back?

What beliefs are keeping you stuck?

What habits are making you to ignore your calling?

Do you want to find out? If so, why wait? Life is too short to miss this incredible opportunity. Don’t you want to know what could be, if you were the best possible version of you?

If so are you ready? Buckle up, because this is going to be one incredible adventure that will change your life forever.

Emilia Modules


Hi everyone, this is the first step to your new life. I will now very briefly take you through our ten modules.

Module 1

Learn to Love your “Imperfections"

How many times have you been told that you were somehow imperfect? For example, I was told that I was impatient and inconsiderate. Well, it was my decisiveness that was viewed as being impatient, and my directness as being inconsiderate. Having these qualities actually really helped me in my life. In this module we will find your “imperfections” and show you how they might be beneficial for you. This will do absolute wonders for your self-worth and confidence.

Module 2

Positive intention behind your behaviours

This module will uncover the positive intention behind your behaviours. Everything we do, we do to make ourselves feel better. There is always a positive intention, even behind any negative behaviour. We will find reasons for yours, and replace your negative behaviours with behaviours that do not have the negative consequences. For example, eating chocolate to stop feeling lonely and replace it with a behaviour that will actually satisfy that feeling, such as finding a loving partner. That is just one example, this exercise can be used for procrastination, doubting yourself, shyness and so on. This module is mind blowing and you will experience many “aha” moments.

Module 3

Change who you are by changing your habits, be stronger than your excuses

Your life is a symptom of what your habits are. In this module you will not only learn how to crush your unhelpful habits but also how to create new ones that will benefit your body and mind and allow you to achieve your dreams.

Module 4

Resolve your limiting beliefs and overcome your fears

Have you ever questioned your beliefs? Do you even know what they are, as most of them are subconscious? Do you want to find out? Because it is your fears and beliefs that are stopping you from having your dream life.

Module 5

Choose your thoughts and focus on what is important

Here you will learn how to allocate your energy in a way that will allow you to achieve everything you want in record time.

Module 6

Get what you want from your relationships

This module will teach you how to influence other people to get what you desire, as well as how to leave a relationship that is not beneficial for you.

Module 7

Resolve your traumas and overcome your anxiety

Yes, you will learn how to overcome anxiety and resolve your traumas, because only with a healthy and calm mind can you truly focus on achieving your dreams.

Module 8

Create your new reality

This will demonstrate to you how to use your powerful mind to achieve everything you want. Prepare yourself to be amazed.

Module 9


You find out how to implement all your learnings and take steps towards achieving your dreams.

Module 10

Factors that contribute to a happy life

Now you are almost there. I believe that there are four main factors that contribute to a happy life and you will learn all about them in this module.

So, are you ready to have an adventure? Let’s do this.

Love what I have to offer


If you look at your life now, it is absolutely a reflection of where you have been focusing your energy on until now. Most of us are sleep walking through our life. Only once we come to the end of it do we realise that we actually wasted it. We wasted all those opportunities we never took, we never fulfilled all those dreams we had and we never experienced the love we wanted to experience. So, I urge you to wake up! We are given only finite amount of days on this planet at this point in time. This is a unique opportunity that needs to be appreciated. Why do you choose to waste your life doing what doesn’t make you happy? Why do you choose to live by your “shoulds” rather than your “wants”? Why do you choose to live in this hopelessness state, staying lost and existing without having any clear direction?

Having a distinct vision of your future and knowing what steps to take will transform your despair into excitement! If you know where you want to go and what you want to achieve then you can create a plan on how to do that. The most difficult step is always the first one.

Why not make “being the best possible version of yourself” your life’s mission? Now is the time to make huge things happen. Are you ready to take a leap into the extraordinary? Let’s begin to re-design your life, starting with establishing a new habit; the habit of allowing yourself to have what you want as well as being loved and happy. Wake up from your daydream, choose how you want to live and take action now to make your life the most enjoyable it can be.

Emilia Therapy

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